Njoro River Rehabilitation

Njoro River Rehabilitation

Egerton University has been rehabilitating Mau Catchment for a decade by planting trees at Shururu area through the Faculty of Environment and Resource Development (FERD). In addition, the University committed itself in the year 2012 to rehabilitate and conserve Njoro River, which emanates from the same catchment. Njoro River has been degraded by the community that has encroached its riverbanks as well as the catchment area. It is the major source of water for Lake Nakuru and a shared resource by the community of Narok and Nakuku Counties.  The University has been rehabilitating this river through planting of riparian tree seedlings, clearing of dump sites, controlled dumping of wastes and water quality monitoring. Other activities include support of community based initiatives such as establishment of tree nurseries, construction of livestock watering points, community trainings on environmental conservation, involvement of primary school pupils in rehabilitation and community sensitizations in Agricultural (ASK) shows among others.


01 April 2021


Njoro River Rehabilitation, Egerton University


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