Shows and Exhibitions

Participation in Shows and Exhibitions

The University regularly participates in shows and exhibitions to market academic programmes and showcase research products and services to the public.

Egerton University participated in the 2018 Nakuru ASK show held from 4th-8th July 2018 at the Nakuru Show Ground.   Egerton University registered to compete with other institutions in classes in the following category: agro-processing, innovation and Invention, theme interpretation, research and Development and Youth Empowerment and Capacity building.  Egerton University won in the following categories:



  • The Stand that Best Interpret current show theme in Education & Research
  • The Best University Stand
  • The Best Stand in Research and Development




  • The Best Agro-processing stand
  • The Best Stand in Youth Activities Empowerment & Capacity Building


For the animal section, Egerton University won awards for the cows and sheep category

  • Champion guernsey
  • Reserve champion guernsey
  • First position Toggenberg goat
  • Second position Toggenberg goat

The sections that exhibited were:

Admissions, agro science park, E campus, Nairobi City Campus, Nakuru Town Campus College, CHS, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Physics, ACDS, Alumni, Gift shop, ARC, Medical, Disability mainstreaming, CESAAM, Human Nutrition, Community Health, TAP and Ngongongeri.



Picture 1: Hon Mwangi Kiunjuri, CS Agriculture admires millet seeds during a tour at Egerton University stand in the 2018 Nakuru ASK show. Looking on is Prof A. Kahi, DVC(AA), Prof A. Kibor, Ag. DVC(R&E) and Prof. S. Mahungu (UILO)





Egerton University has scooped 5 positions each at number one and 2 positions at number three and 1 position at number two. The University was competing in 11 categories.

The University scored position one in five categories.

a.       The Best Public University Stand – class 23

b.      The Best Institution of Higher Learning in Developing and Advance Technology – Class 25

c.       The Best  Engineering based Institution of Higher Learning –class 26

d.      Best Agro Processing Stand – class 48

e.       Best stand in Development Research Institution – Class 34


The University scored number two in one category.

1)      The second Best stand in ICT application

The University scored number three in two categories.

1.      The third Best Community Based Organization Stand – class 30

2.      The third Best Local Manufacturers Stand (Consumable Production) – class 16


In the 2013/2014 performance contract year, the University participated in:


1.      National Agricultural Society of Kenya Shows in Nakuru and Kabarnet 

Which were organized under the theme: “Enhancing Technology in Agriculture and Industry for Food Security and National Growth”. In the Nakuru ASK Show, the University won the 1st PRIZES for the Best Public University Stand, the Best Stand Exhibiting Agronomic Practices to Enhance Food Production and Security and the Best Institution of Higher Learning in Developing Advanced Technology. In addition, the University scoopedthree other trophies in the livestock section. In the Kabarnet ASK Show, the University won 1st Prizes in two classes namely: The Best Institution of Higher Learning in Developing Advanced Technology and the Best Innovations stand. 

2.  In the Nairobi International Trade Fair, the University emerged the overall best breeder of Corriedale sheep, winning 14 Champions in lambs, ewes and rams classes. This remarkable performance was rewarded with trophies, and cash prices. The university’s best breeding practices were also recognized in the Fleece Merino sheep classes where it won 4 champions. In the category of milk goat classes, the university won one female champion in the Toggenburg goat class and 5 champions in overall females and males goat classes. In the dairy cattle category, the university won 2 champions each in Ayshire and Freshian cattle classes. Egerton declared the Best stock-man (livestock care) in this international event.



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