Research Committee

1. Develop and recommend to the Senate the Research Policy of the University.

2. Review University Research Policy and make recommendations to Senate.

3. Establish research priorities for the University.

4. Receive and approve all research proposals and co-ordinate collaborative research projects.

5. Make recommendations to Senate on the allocation of funds available for research and travel in connection with research and for traveling to conferences.

6. Allocate research funds to individual applicants out of the funds voted by Council for this purpose.

7. Formulate proposals for applications for research funds from external donors.

8. Prepare annually budget estimates or a submission for all allocation of funds from the University resources.

9. Receive reports from recipients of grants on the use of research funds received from all sources.

10. Identify and recommend to the University the establishment of research facilities or laboratories.

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Flagship projects

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Chemeron Sign
Njoro River Rehabilitation
Njoro river
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lord egerton
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