Deputy Registrar R&E


    Stellah Kereto

    Deputy Registrar, Research and Extension

    P.O. Box 536-20115

    Egerton, Kenya.


Research & Extension Administration Section

The Deputy Registrar (Research & Extension) is responsible for the overall administration and coordination of programs under the Division. This encompasses:

·         To identify and ensure quality management systems for the Division to undertake its roles are developed and implemented. These include:  rules and regulations, policies and quality management standards.

·         To ensure performance targets under the core functions of the Division are set and delivered.

·         To provide day-to-day administrative and management support of R&E activities in accordance with the existing regulations. Services provided include: checking budgets, monitoring expenditures, procurement of materials, secretarial services and provision of transport.

·         To identify specific responsibilities of staff to enable the R&E Division to achieve its goals.

·         To identify knowledge and skills and competencies required by staff to undertake their roles effectively

·         To carry out staff performance appraisal annually


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